The Player Resource Consortium has closed.

This page will keep offering a link to the PRC Pack and Manual's download for those who need it, as well as the online manual.  DM_Heatstroke is now maintaining the PRC forums (with the same accounts and posts) and the chat room will still stay around.  All links can be found below.

It's been a while coming but many of us have moved on in our lives, along with the vast majority of the NWN community. Thanks to Stratovarius, the founder of this group and many thanks to our supporters, contributors and the BioWare staff for their time, tools, expertise and support in these past years.


Online PRC Manual Forums
Maintained by DM_Heatstroke
Chat Room Staff List BioWare Social Site


PRC Pack 3.5
(inc. manual)
Character Creator
Script Compiler
In-Game GUI mod
PRC Java Tools